It’s Not Just About Looks…

I would be lying if I said my ego doesn’t motivate me. At the end of the day I want to look good. I don’t believe there is a problem with this. Where the problem exists however, is ONLY wanting to look good.


Chasing a body image goal is fleeting. Truth is we will never have the perfect environment for executing all of our goals for the “perfect body.” So, why not focus on appreciating the body we have and what it can do for us? This is not an excuse to give up on your physique goals, but rather focus on performance goals. The body will change and adapt— but most people give up before they even notice results. Try prioritizing objective goals that will allow you to “check off” a completed task. I.e. deadlifting 200lbs, making it to the gym 3x/week or doing a warmup before your workout. Your body will change, but why not appreciate all the work it’s doing to get there.


My biggest goal with new clients is giving them the tools to exercise on their own. Whether this is helping them learn to lift compound movements correctly or how to program workouts weekly. If I can get a client to adhere to their OWN workouts— I’ve done my job.


Our body is not a bank. We do not accrue “health credits” taking care of our body should be an everyday thing.


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