Keep Going... I'm on Fire

Im just going to let this blog post fly…

This is year has been F****** insane. When the gyms first shut down I was so upset (I understood why and agreed with that, but today is about emotions). I had lost my business and what helps keep me motivated just like that. I was scrambled.

The first two days of quarantine were important to me looking back. I went out to CoryGs and lifted for two days while I processed everything. For those two days I was scared for what humanity would look like. I was so unsure, the only real thing I felt was paralysis. I got to be by those who meant a whole lot to me and do what we love. I started to develop some positivity after those first two days.

The thoughts that brought me out of this paralysis and overall sadness were simple: I had to be an example of positivity and provide solutions. I am positive person who really tries to accept and move on. I fully believe in accepting what is in front of me and doing the best I can with it. I knew a lot of people were struggling. I can’t help in a ton of ways, but I knew how I could help in my own way. My craft is in fitness, but I am an entrepreneur first. I started hosting zoom workouts for clients, found an outdoor park for clients willing to be in person outside, I even trained some on my apartment patio, and provided online at home workout solutions. I did what I could and this brought about even more confidence.

Looking forward to the rest of 2020 I am so fired up. I am optimistic about the future and what we can all do together. Small actions compound over time, I learned this young. I believe it is not an specific act, but the continuous compounding days of hard work helping others.

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