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The bar is loaded!

I had the opportunity to help Tanner Andres prepare for his first powerlifting meet this past weekend at his home gym. It was a sanctioned USPA powerlifting meet in Wisconsin. Tanner and I spent 8 weeks working together. His meet preparation was focused on peaking towards one rep max PRs on meet day. My biggest goal was giving Tanner a framework to understand this prep. My hope was this was the first meet of many... Below I asked Tanner to reflect on his meet experience.


1. Background

Hi! My name is Tanner Andres and I’m 23 years old. I served in the Marine Corps for 5 years as a Recon Marine and recently got out. I am currently pouring concrete for a summer job, but I’ll be going to college at Milwaukee School of Engineering in September. There I’m going to be majoring in Civil Engineering. I’ve been lifting since I was about 16, but have only recently gotten in to powerlifting. Before my training consisted of more CrossFit or functional training workouts with squat, bench and deadlift in the mix. 

2. What competition did you do and what gym was it located at?

I competed in the Dairy State Open, which was located at Fry’s Family Fitness in Reedsburg, Wi. 

3. What were you most nervous about before the competition?

I’d say before the competition I was most nervous about my opening squat. I knew that I could hit it, but I had never lifted in front of a crowd of people. 

4. What lift were you most proud of?

I was most proud of my 3rd deadlift of 440lbs. This was a 30lb PR for me and it felt amazing to hit that.

5. What lift do you wish you could try again?

I wish if could try my 3rd squat attempt of 413lbs again. There’s no doubt in my mind that I could get it. 

6. How did having a coach help you for your first competition?

Getting a coach was the best decision I could have made leading up to my meet. Zach is a great coach and I think is a big reason for my success. He really helped me peak for this meet and     was always there hyping me up. Having a coach also adds another layer of accountability, which I think is huge. 

7. Any advice for someone considering their first meet?

My biggest piece of advice for someone considering their first meet is to hire a coach. Having someone in your corner who knows how a meet works is and can answer questions is  huge. I think it can help ease the nerves lifters feel at their first meet. Also, don’t take yourself too serious. Remember that this is your first meet and to go out, give it your all and enjoy yourself. It truly is a great experience and I can’t wait to compete again. 

Total- 1073lbs @ 163lbs (Jr Open @ USPA Knee Sleeves)



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