What Is GPP?

My first introduction into General Physical Preparedness was at a young age and I didn't even know it. 

I first started landscaping when I was 14 years old. It originally attracted me because it was one of the highest paying jobs I could get at the time HA! I was also starting to get into weight training and the idea of being outside moving around sounded nice.


My boss Tom Uncapher who I worked for through my first couple years of college threw me into the mix right away. I was mowing, carrying and spreading mulch, stump removals... man I was getting strong!


What was occurring here was small repetitive movements done over hours each day with many summers added up. It helped me create a great base of strength that would eventually lead me into powerlifting and bodybuilding.


GPP is a basic application of smaller exercises into your workouts. It was made "famous" by westside barbell, but has been used all facets of training over the years.


Westside Barbell defines GPP as "In a broad sense G.P.P. is a balance of fitness for recovery and special strength training thru special small exercises." (www.westside-barbell.com/blogs/the-blog/the-need-for-g-p-p)


Sleds, bands, and really any training tool can be used for GPP. Here is what I would focus on-


Add 1-2 upper body and lower body GPP workouts to the end of your current workout split. Look at the movements over a 4 week cycle. Repeat it every week and focus on total volume increasing each week. For example:


Monday- Lower Body

week 1- Sled Drags walking forward for 500 yards with 100lbs 

week 2- Sled Drags walking forward for 500 yards 120lbs

week 3- Sled Drags walking forward for 500 yards 140lbs

week 4- Sled Drags walking forward for 500 yards 160lbs


Tuesday- Upper Body

week 1- chest supported reverse flys 100 reps @ 20lbs (2,000lbs of volume)

week 2- chest supported reverse flys 80 reps @ 30lbs (2,400lbs of volume)

week 3- chest supported reverse flys 70 reps @ 40lbs (2,800lbs of volume)

week 4- chest supported reverse flys 60 reps @ 50lbs (3,000lbs of volume)

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