Will Kempton's Powerlifting Meet Recap

Will Kempton competed recently in the 'Raw Dawg' RPS powerlifting meet in Lancaster, PA. Will was in the ironman division (Push/Pull) and finished with a total of 835lbs. He got there with a 360lb Bench and 475lb Deadlift. One of the coolest parts of this weekend was Will got to compete along side his girlfriend Hannah! Will and I have been training over a year together now online. This is his second sanctioned meet he has done and walked away with a 10lb PR on bench. His previous competition was bench only. As Will has progressed, so have some minor training injuries. This sport is not for the faint of heart- it takes resilience. He was originally signed up for the full meet, but hip imbalances kept him away from squatting. I was most proud of Will for sticking to the plan and keeping the date on the calendar. We wont always be able to give our all, but when 80% is all you have- you better give everything you have of that 80%. Will is looking forward to his next meet. His goals are deadlifting 500lbs + below 200lbs BW as well as a 400lb bench press below 200lbs BW.

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